How are Americans responding to the Tokyo Olympics?

Q: How are Americans responding to the Tokyo Olympics? Do you think they will be held or cancelled?

A: Americans aren’t talking about the Olympics. I don’t know anyone who is thinking about them, and I haven’t heard anything at all on the news recently.

As for me, I think it’s impossible. I feel the IOC is being extremely irresponsible for pressing Tokyo to continue with the games. They are putting the lives of athletes and support staff at risk by insisting that the games will go on. I don’t know if they will be cancelled, but they should be either cancelled or postponed. Paris will be the next Olympic site, and they have not begun to build yet. I think since this is the situation, the Olympics should be pushed back – Tokyo to host in 2024 and Paris in 2028. This makes the most sense to me.


Q: 東京オリンピックについてアメリカの人たちはどう思っているの?

A: アメリカ人はオリンピックについて話題にしていないわね。オリンピックについて考えている人を知らないし、最近ニュースでも聞かないわよ。