How are children studying due to Covid-19 closures?

Q: How are children studying due to Covid-19 closures?

A: Again, this depends on the school district, and the individual school. The issues are compounded by the fact that we have no national curriculum.  Many schools do not have a lot of resources, so for them, they have had to create work packets with lots of information and worksheets to hand out to the children, then the kids’ parents drop the packets off at school once a week for the teachers to correct.

In schools with more resources, kids are using Zoom to interact with their classmates and their teacher. In order to do this, the child must have internet in their home, and a device to use. Some school districts have passed out refurbished laptops to their students, but the majority of schools do not have enough money to do so.

As for how it’s going, that varies from teacher to teacher and school to school. My friend’s son is a 5th grader. His teacher gathers the class for Zoom lessons 3 days per week, and also gives them assignments to do online. In addition, she sends a small amount of work on worksheets (typically math, so she can see how each child calculated their answer). Another of my friends has an 8 year old, and his school has some teachers doing Zoom lessons, and some doing nothing at all. Unfortunately, her child’s teacher is doing very little work, and the kids feel confused and lost because of it.

I have a friend who is a cooking teacher in high school. Because cooking is a hands on class, she decided to create a Youtube channel. She has posted videos of herself making the recipes from each lesson, so that her students can see what they should do. After they make the recipe themselves, they email her a photo of their homework. They can also email her any questions.

My son is a university student, and his teachers are using a combination of things. They use Zoom for lectures, a program called Blackboard for assignments, quizzes and class chats, and a system called Canvas, which is the same type of service as Blackboard (but newer). Each teacher has chosen the way that is easiest for them. One of his teachers even asks them to submit their homework via Twitter, which is a little (no. A lot) weird. 


Q: 新型コロナウイルスの学校閉鎖で、子供たちはどうやって勉強しているの?

A: やはり、これも学校区域や各学校によるわ。国のカリキュラムががないことが問題を悪化させているわ。多くの学校は潤沢な資源を持っていないので、たくさんの情報やワークシートが入った課題パックを作って子供たちに配布し、週に1回、親が先生にチェックしてもらうために課題パックを学校に持っていく。




私の息子は大学生で、先生たちはいろいろ組み合わせているわ。講義にはZoom 、宿題、小テスト、クラスの会話にはBlackboard というプログラムや、Blackboardと同じタイプのサービスで、まだ新しい Canvasというシステムを使っているわね。各先生が、自分にとって一番使いやすい方法を選んでいる。1人の先生なんかは、宿題をTwitterで出すように言っているのよ。これはちょっと、いや、すごく変わっているわ。