How are people with tattoos perceived in the US?

Q: How are people with tattoos perceived in the US?

A: LOOOONG time ago, people with tattoos were perceived as criminals. Probably because it was common for prisoners to tattoo each other while in prison. After a while, military people started to get tattoos to show that they were a member of a specific branch of the armed forces, or a member of a certain unit. In the past, it was difficult to get a good job if you had a visible tattoo. But for the past 20 years or so, it’s been considered an art form, and very common.  

It’s common for friends to get matching ones when they have some kind of big event together (I’ve seen matching bridal party tattoos!), or for couples to get their names tattooed on their bodies. Memorial tattoos are also popular. These might be a portrait of the person, or something that would remind you of that person. They may be less common in some areas of the country, but on the west coast they’re very common.


Q: 米国ではタトゥーをした人はどう見られる?

A: うーんと昔は、タトゥーをした人は犯罪者と思われていたわ。たぶん、受刑者がよく刑務所内で互いにタトゥーを入れあっていたからね。しばらくして、軍人が自分が所属する支部や部隊を示すためにタトゥーを入れ始めたの。かつては、明らかなタトゥーを入れてると、いい仕事は見つけにくかったわね。でも、ここ20年くらいで、アートの一つだと考えられるようになって、とても広まっているわ。