How do Americans typically move?

Q: How do Americans typically move?

A: Most people use rental services. There are several across the US, but by far the most common is Uhaul. We can select from several different size trucks (or trailers), depending on how much stuff we have to move. Then we go to the rental office, pick up the truck, drive it home, fill it with our stuff, and drive to the new place. If your new place is in another city, it’s no problem – you just return the truck to the rental office in that city. This is the most common way to move, and has been used for many, many years. The biggest drawback with this service is that it can be extremely difficult to drive the really big trucks. When I moved to Seattle I drove the 26 foot long style, and found that it did not fit well at all on Seattle’s old, narrow streets. It was very nerve racking!

The luckiest people of all are those who have pickup trucks, or friends with pickup trucks. They can move completely on their own, without renting a truck at all. If you own a truck, you can count on the fact that someone will ask you to help them move. This is actually a joke in the US – as soon as someone buys a truck, their friends will start saying “SO, when are you helping me move?” just because it’s such a common favor to ask!

Q: アメリカ人はどうやって引っ越すの?

A: たいていの人はレンタルサービスを利用するわよ。米国中にいくつかあるけれど、みんながダントツで知っているのはUhaulね。引越しの荷物の量によって、トラック(トレーラー)のサイズが選べるの。レンタルの事業所に行き、トラックを取りにいって、家まで運転していき、荷物を積みこんで新居まで運転する。新居が別の市でも問題ないのートラックはその市のレンタルの事業所に返せばいいから。これがもっとも一般的な引越し方法で、長い間ずっと利用されているわ。このサービスの最大の欠点は、超特大のトラックを運転するのが非常に難しいかもしれないということかしらね。私はシアトルに引っ越したとき、長さ26フィートのトラックを運転したんだけど、シアトルの古くて狭い道に大きさが全然合わないことがわかってとてもハラハラしたわ!