How do typical Americans spend Christmas?

Q: How do typical Americans spend Christmas?

A: Christmas is a big family holiday in Western countries, so most people spend Christmas with their families. Some people exchange presents on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas day. Traditions depend on what part of the world your family originally came from, and also your religion. Some people have to go to church on Christmas Eve, so they exchange gifts when they get back.

We usually get up in the morning and open our stockings, then we take some time to exchange presents and open gifts that have been sent to us by friends or family in other places.

Later in the day we will start making Christmas dinner, which is really more of a late lunch. Each family is different, but we usually have ham for Christmas dinner. Some other popular choices are turkey or goose. We do NOT eat KFC for Christmas.

In the evening we usually watch a movie, or read, if we got a book for Christmas. We have a relaxing evening and enjoy our time with our family, because most people have to go back to work the very next day. Only Christmas Day is a national holiday.


Q: アメリカ人のクリスマスの一般的な過ごし方は?

A: 西欧諸国ではクリスマスは家族で過ごす大きな祝日だから、たいていの人はクリスマスは家族と一緒に過ごすの。クリスマスの日ではなくクリスマスイブにプレゼント交換をする人もいるわね。慣習についてはその家族がもともと世界のどこから来たかとか、宗教にもよるわね。クリスマスイブには教会に行かなければならない人もいるから、その人たちは帰ってきてからプレゼント交換するわ。