How do you feel about President Biden’s policies so far?

Q: How do you feel about President Biden’s policies so far?
(Some news reports said he is having a hard time with Afghanistan issues and covid-19.)

I think he’s doing a good job so far. I didn’t have high expectations for him, because he is another in a long line of old, white men in politics, but he has proven to be better than that so far. He has filled his cabinet positions with younger people, people of color, women, and people with varying political views. I think a system always runs best when people bring different mind-sets to the table.

As for Afghanistan, there is no action that he or anyone else could take that would not meet criticism. If US troops stayed, he would be criticized for not bringing them home. If he did a slow withdrawal, he would be criticized for being indecisive. There is literally no way to “win” in this situation.

Q: これまでのところバイデン大統領の政策についてどう思う?

A: これまでのところよくやっていると思うわ。彼は政治で長く続いている年配の白人の一人だから、彼に大きな期待はしていなかったんだけれど、それよりはいいということがわかったわ。彼は若い人、有色人種、女性、多様な政治立場の人を閣僚においたの。私はみんなが様々な考えを提示することで、システムが常によく回ると思うの。