How do you get a drivers’ license in the US? 

Q: How do you get a drivers’ license in the US? 

A: In order to get a driver’s license, you should start with (and some states require) a learner’s permit. To get learner’s permit, you take a written test based on the driving laws in your state. After you are granted a permit, you must drive a certain number of hours (which vary by state) with a licensed driver in the car with you. Usually a parent or older sibling helps with this.

After you have completed your training hours, you can schedule a driver’s license test. There is a written test first, and after you pass it you can take a driving test. A department of motor vehicles examiner will ride with you in your vehicle and give you a number of commands, to show that you understand the rules of the road and can follow them safely. This test usually lasts about 30 minutes. If you pass, you can get your photo taken for your license right away, then (in most states) your license will be mailed to you.

The price for the permit and license vary by state. In my state, a permit costs $20 and a regular license costs $54. An enhanced license, which is only offered in a few states, costs $74. The length of the license is good also varies by state. For example, a license is California costs $83 and is valid for 5 years, but a license in New York is $64 and is valid for 8 years. When you move to a new state, you have 30 days to get a license in your new state. 

There are driving schools in the US, but they’re not so popular. Most people take driver’s education and training in high school, then they practice with their family members. In the state of Washington, driving is not offered in school, so a driving school is the only alternative.


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