How do you see the presidential election?

Q: How do you see the the presidential election?

A: I don’t think anyone can accurately guess the outcome of the election. Many polls show Biden just slightly ahead of Trump, but the problem with polls is that often, the people polled don’t actually bother to vote. With the polls as close as they are, we just can’t guess.

Since most states are voting by mail for the first time, it will take longer than usual for all of the ballots to be counted. I don’t expect we will have a final count until Friday. Hopefully some down ticket races, like the senate, will be called earlier than the presidential vote.


Q: 大統領選挙についてどう思う?

A: この選挙の結果は誰も正しく言い当てることはできないと思うわ。多くの世論調査ではバイデンがトランプより少しリードしていると言っているけど、世論調査の問題は、その人たちが実際には投票しないということなの。世論調査で近いことはわかるけど、当てることはできないわ。