How is plastic surgery perceived in the US?

Q: How is plastic surgery perceived in the US?

A: It really depends on the type of surgery. Some types are widely accepted as “normal”, but others are still seen with a little shock or concern. Things like “nose jobs” and breast implants have become fairly common procedures, and a person who had one of these surgeries would not be looked down on or made fun of.

Less common surgeries, like liposuction or tummy tucks may earn the patient a little criticism from others. People might feel that only a really vain person would have such procedures done.

Still less common (but on the rise) are things like chin and cheek implants, abdominal muscle sculpting, and even butt implants. Usually, average people don’t have these kinds of extreme surgeries. Typically only someone who is hoping for a job in the entertainment industry would have these types of procedures. If an average person had one of these procedures, it’s likely that people would think it was strange, perhaps make fun of them, or wonder if they had an addiction to plastic surgery.


Q: 整形手術について米国ではどう受け止められているの?

A: 手術の種類によるわ。普通のこととして受け入れられているものもあるけど、やっぱり衝撃と懸念をもって見られているものもある。鼻の整形や豊胸手術はかなり一般的になってきて、手術した人が非難されたりからかわれたりしないんんじゃないかしら。