How is the weather in Seattle in winter?

Q: How is the weather in Seattle in winter?

A: That really depends on the year. Some years it’s absolutely freezing, other years it’s fairly mild! It doesn’t usually snow in Seattle, but it snows all around us. Our elevation is low, though, so snow is rare. We do get a lot of ice and fog in the winter time. Ice is a big problem because we have so many bridges, and we have a fleet of trucks that go out and sprays de-icing chemicals on the ground.

The “official” temperature for the city is taken at the airport, which is typical, but not a great idea, since the airport is not near the water.  Google says the average official temperature is about 40F/4C, but that is at the airport. Most of Seattle is near the water (either the ocean or a lake). I live in between two lakes, and the average in my neighborhood is about 35F/1C.


Q: 冬のシアトルの天候は?