How many English classes do you have in school?

Q: How many English classes do you have in school?

A: We have English in one form or another in all grades except kindergarten. We have things like spelling and reading in early elementary school, then grammar, parts of speech, etc in late elementary/junior high. By the time we are in high school, we have things like English literature. Each year we are tested in our English skills to see which class level we need the following school year. Kids who score high on these tests are placed in more difficult, advanced classes, and kids with lower scores are allowed to take easier classes with more review, so that everyone can (hopefully) at least learn the basics.
Unfortunately, in some cases, kids who do not do well in classes are passed on to the next grade anyway. This is can be a problem with a teacher (too lazy to deal with the problem) or with the school district (not equipped to handle a student who has fallen that far behind).  


Q: 学校で国語の授業は何時間あるの?

A: 私たちは、幼稚園を除いて全学年でなんらかの形で国語の時間があるわ。小学校の低学年で綴りや読み方、小学校高学年・中学で、文法、品詞等を習うの。高校までに英文学のようなものをやるわね。毎年、次年度必要なクラスのレベルを見るために国語力がテストされるわ。このテストで得点が高い子供は、より難しい、上級クラスに、得点の低い子供は復習中心の易しいクラスに入れられる。(願わくば)全員、最低限の基礎を習得できるようにね。