How many times have you moved? Which place do you like best?

Q: How many times have you moved? Which place do you like best?

A: Too many to count! More than 30. I suppose Seattle is my favorite of all the cities I have lived in, but the way we judge a city as a child and the way we judge it as an adult is very different! So it could be that some of the cities I didn’t enjoy as a child are great places, haha!

I have lived all over the states of Washington, Oregon, and California.

I hate the weather in California, BUT the Central Valley is absolutely the best area of the country for fresh produce. There are many types of orchards around the towns and cities, so you can easily drive just a few miles outside of town and purchase fresh produce directly from the farmers. Nectarines, peaches and kiwi were my favorite things to eat when I was a student. In Oregon, for a brief time during each summer, Hood River cherries are in season. These are the best cherries I have ever had! In Washington, we grow many, many types of apples.


Q: 今まで引っ越しは何回しましたか?どこが一番好きですか?

A:  数え切れないくらいあるわね!30回以上ね。今まで住んだ中でシアトルが一番好きだと思うんだけど、子供と大人ではその判断の仕方が違うわ!子供のころにあまり好きでなかった都市がいくつか入るかもしれないわね。