How was your New Year’s Day?

Q: How was your New Year’s Day?
Did you do anything special on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day?

A: It was very busy! I had a lot of students that day. Some years, many students are away for the whole week around New Year ’s Day, but this year many people booked lessons.

New Year’s is not really an important holiday in the US – it’s mostly an excuse to drink. New Year’s Day is a national holiday *if* it falls on a weekday, but there’s no traditional celebration or anything. A few cities have New Year’s Day parades, and sometimes you can watch them on TV. My city doesn’t have anything like that. 

Most large cities have some kind of countdown event on New Year’s Eve. In my city, people gather around the Space Needle and countdown, then a local radio station plays a medley of songs while a VERY brief fireworks display goes off. The fireworks only last for about one minute, so it’s not very impressive. Bigger cities have bigger countdowns I suppose.

Sometimes people go to New Year’s Eve events at local bars or night clubs. Some bars have themed parties, or live bands. Most people stay home and watch countdown events on TV.


Q: どんな元旦だった?

A: 忙しかったわ!生徒のレッスンがたくさんあったから。例年、お正月の週は多くの生徒がどこかに行っているのだけど、今年はたくさんレッスン予約があったわ。