Is it true that people in Seattle don’t use umbrellas?

Q: Is it true that people in Seattle don’t use umbrellas?

A: It’s absolutely correct that we don’t use umbrellas in Seattle, but his reasons are wrong. It has nothing to do with “losing to the weather”, and more to do with the fact that most of us have water resistant or waterproof jackets, and it’s WINDY in Seattle. When the wind is strong, there is really no point at all in using an umbrella. Either the umbrella is going to turn inside out from the force of the wind, or the wind is going to blow the rain onto you from the side, so the umbrella isn’t doing you any good. Umbrellas can’t stop sideways rain!

The other thing is that it rains in this part of the country all year long, so we don’t have a “fear” of getting wet. When it rains on average 165 days per year, you’re going to get wet sometimes. No big deal!

Most of us HAVE umbrellas (I have 3!), but if you ask us how many times we have actually used the umbrella…well. The answer is probably between 0-12, lol. We actually joke that this is how you can spot a tourist – only tourists and the elderly use umbrellas here!

But, our attitude about umbrellas is not shared by the whole US. There are many places in the country where the rain is less frequent (these people probably don’t own raincoats), or where it isn’t windy (no fear of the wind breaking your umbrella), and people in those areas do use umbrellas. So this is just our habit in the Pacific Northwest region, not the whole country. 

Q: シアトルの人は傘をささないというのはホント?

A: シアトルの人は傘をささないのは本当よ。ただ、理由が違うわ。「天気に負ける」とかは関係なくて、私たちのほとんどが、撥水あるいは防水のジャケットを持っているからというのと、シアトルは風が強いことに関係してるの。風が強いと、傘をさしても全く意味がないわ。風の力で傘が裏返しになるか、横から雨が吹き付けられてしまうもの。だから、傘は役に立たないわけ。傘は横殴りの雨を阻止できないわ。