Is there a movement or an activity to try to reduce usage of plastic products?

Q: Is there a movement or an activity to try to reduce the usage of plastic products to be sustainable?

A: There are some laws in place. In Seattle, plastic bags have been completely banned since 2012. You must bring your own shopping bags or pay the store to provide paper ones. Many stores also offer reusable bags for sale near the register, but they are typically not very good prices, because the store knows you will feel forced into buying one. It’s best to just keep one or two in your bag all the time!

Since 2018, plastic straws have been banned in this area as well. In some neighborhoods, restaurants have agreed to use only compostable products. So whether you get fast food or pick up takeout from a restaurant, all the products your food is packaged in are compostable – even the cutlery. Most fast-food restaurants and cafes also have 3 trash receptacles – garbage, recycling, and compost – so you have to sort your garbage carefully.

Q: 環境保護のためにプラスチック製品の使用を減らす動きや取り組みはありますか?

A: いくつか法律が施行されているわ。シアトルでは2012年からプラスチック袋が禁止されているの。マイバッグを持っていくか、お店で紙袋代を払わなければいけないの。レジの近くでたくさんのエコバッグも売られているけど、それほど安くはないわね。お店も客が買わざるを得ないと感じていることを知っているからね。いつもカバンの中に袋を1つか2つ入れておくのがベストね。