Is there any food you didn’t like in the past, but now you do?

Q: Is there any food you didn’t like as a child, but now you do?

A:  When I was a child my mother didn’t really buy vegetables. She bought canned corn, but that’s about it. So I didn’t ever really have fresh vegetables until I was an adult. I thought that I didn’t like some of them, but it was just that I hadn’t tasted them. My mother always told me that spinach was horrible, so I thought I didn’t like it, but actually I like it quite a lot. I usually have spinach in my salads and sandwiches, and I often make spinach quiche. I also like beans quite a bit, but my mother did not ever serve them when I was growing up. I often cook with black beans these days.  I like salad, but I never had a salad until I was about 23 years old!


Q: 子供の頃好きではなかったけど、今は好きな食べ物はある?

A: 子供の頃、母があまり野菜を買わなかったの。缶詰のコーンは買っていたけれど、そんなもんかな。