Tell me about homeschooling in the states.

Q: Tell me about homeschooling in the states.

A: Something people don’t seem to know about the US is that we do not have a national curriculum. The curriculum varies by state, and also by school district.
So how homeschooling is accomplished is different in literally every city.

In the past, parents needed to be completely in charge of the education of their home schooled child. Usually they could get materials from the state, or the local school district, then once or twice a year, the child would have to travel to a certain city to pass a test, proving that they had studied everything they were meant to.

These days, home schooling is much easier, and less of the burden of teaching falls on the parents. Many children access online lessons, or even online classes with a live teacher, depending on their area.

In the past, home schooling was very isolating for children, and kids who were schooled this way tended to grow into adults who had no social skills, and no ability to make friends. These days, most cities have a homeschooling network, and parents work together to have group lessons, field trips, and play times for their children, so that their kids can learn to make friends and interact with others.


Q: ホームスクールについて教えて

A: みんなあまり知らないようなんだけど、米国は国の敎育課程がないのね。敎育課程は州や学校区域によっても違う。だからホームスクールのやり方はまさに市ごとに違っているの。