Tell me about tax returns in the US.

Q: Tell me about tax returns in the US.

A: There are some very (confusingly) specific rules and regulations, but in general, everyone who has more than $10,000 worth of income in a year must file taxes. The deadline to file your taxes each year is April 15th, but you can file as soon as January 1st, if you have all your tax documents.

The US tax code is quite complicated, and tax returns take a good deal of time to prepare. In the past, we had to hunt around for the forms we needed. For example, you can find the tax booklets and forms at most public libraries and post offices, but if you have a less common tax situation, you may not be able to find the forms you need. In that case, you have to write a letter to the IRS to request the forms you need.

These days, most people use software to help them file their taxes. The software isn’t perfect, but it makes things a little easier. The biggest advantage to using software is that you can file your tax documents electronically, instead of having to make many paper copies and mail them to the government. Filing electronically is a much quicker process, and for those who are due a refund, they will receive it more quickly than those who chose to file the old fashioned way.


Q: 確定申告はするの?

A: とても(わかりにくい)細かな規則があるけど、一般的に年収1万ドルある人はみんな確定申告をしなくてはならないわ。申告期日は毎年4月15日だけど、申告書類が揃っていたら1月1日から申告できる。