Tell me about the cold wave that hit Texas. Do you think it is caused by climate change?

Q:  Tell me about the cold wave that hit Texas. 

I think most people think of hot weather when they think of Texas, but it is normal for SOME areas of Texas, such as Fort Worth, to get cold weather and even snow. However, the sudden cold snap was much colder than usual and impacted parts of the state that do not usually see such cold weather. During the storm, the temperatures ranged between -2 F and 25 F ( -18.8 C to -3.8 C), when on average, the winter temps are between 3 F and 70 F (-16 C to 21 C).

The biggest problems were caused by lack of heating, which actually caused several people to freeze to death. Without heating, the water pipes in many homes froze and burst. Then when the homes started to warm back up, people suddenly had water gushing out of their walls or ceilings. Many homes and businesses were destroyed by water. I also heard that even the local hospitals were without water for several days. Can you imagine being cared for by medical staff that cannot wash their hands??

The entire US has had odd weather this year. Meteorologists say this is partly due to a La Nina weather pattern, which has been made more extreme by global warming. Many say that the weather patterns will become more and more extreme as time goes on.


Q: テキサスを襲った寒波について教えて。

A: ほとんどの人がテキサスというと、暑い気候を思い浮かべると思うんだけど、テキサスでもフォートウォースのような地域は寒くなるし、雪も降ったりするのよ。でも、あの急激な寒波はいつもよりうんと寒かったし、通常寒くならない地域にまで及んでいたわね。冬の平均気温が華氏3度から 70 度(摂氏-16 度から21度)に対して、あの嵐の間は、気温は華氏-2度から25度(摂氏-18.8度から-3.8度)だったわ。