Tell me about the daylight saving time?

Q: Tell me about the daylight saving time?

A: Daylight Saving Time (this is not called “summer time”, summer time is a season!) runs March through November. The system was started so that we would have more daylight hours, supposedly for farmers and those who worked outdoors. It’s important to note that not all states observe DST, so those visiting Hawaii and Arizona will need to make sure to change their watches if they visit another state during DST months.

DST always starts in the wee hours of a Sunday morning, so that people have time to remember to change their clocks before going to work on Monday. These days, many clocks, and all smart phones and computers, make the change automatically. So we only need to change watches and household and appliance clocks manually. We remember which direction to set our clocks by using the phrase “Spring ahead, fall back”.

Many people think it’s time for DST to stop, and have voted to no longer observe it. In my state, people also voted to stop observing it, but because of our close business ties, our state government won’t stop observing DST unless California and Oregon also stop. It has been proven that there is a drastic increase in the number of car accidents the week following the time changes every year, because people’s sleep schedules are disrupted. I hope it will end soon.


Q: サマータイム制について教えて

A: Daylight Saving Time(英語ではサマータイムとは言わないわ。サマータイムは季節のことよ!)は3月から11月までよ。このシステムは、おそらく農家や屋外で働く人たちのために太陽が出ている時間が多くなるように始められたの。大事なのは全州がサマータイムを採用しているわけではないということ。ハワイやアリゾナに訪問中の人は、サマータイム期間に他の州へ行くなら必ず時計の時間を変更する必要があるわ。