Tell me about the recent heavy snow in February.

Q:  Tell me about the recent heavy snow in February.

A: Snow is very rare in Seattle (though the cities around Seattle are at higher elevations and do get snow), but we suddenly had 5 individual storms hit the city, all in a row. In the end, somewhere around 18 inches/45 cm fell over about 4 ½ days! The news reported that it’s the most snow the city has received in 70 years, and the snowfall broke several records. In the cities just to the north and south of us, the snow was even deeper. In some areas the total accumulation was 26”/66 centimeters.

Because snow is rare here, the city does not have the infrastructure to take care of it. For example, the city does not own any snow plows – and the county our city is in only has about 20, but these had to be shared across the entire county. So it was impossible to get all of the streets cleared, and in most cases, neighborhood streets did not receive any help. Only the main streets were cleared. It was a bit of wasted effort, because as soon as they would get one street cleared, the snow would start again.

It was fun to see many people making the most of the snow. Lots of people in my neighborhood put on cross country skis and went out to explore the area. In other neighborhoods, the city closed the steepest hills, so people used those streets for skiing and sledding.


Q: 2月の大雪について教えて。

A: シアトルで雪が降るのはとても珍しいんだけど(シアトル周辺の海抜が高いところは雪が降るけれど)、突然、嵐が5つ連続して上陸したの。最終的には、4日半で18インチ(45センチ)くらい積もったわ!ニュースでは、70年ぶりの大雪で、降雪量の記録をいくつか破ったと言っていたわ。私の市の北と西の都市では、もっと降ったわね。積雪が合計26インチ(66センチ)になったところもあったわ