Tell me your favorite movie this year so far.

Q: Tell me your favorite movie this year so far.

A: I don’t go to the movies very often. It’s quite expensive (regular price is $22 – $26, depending on whether or not it’s a 3D movie), so I usually wait for movies to come out for rent. There are no DVD rental shops left in my neighborhood, but we can rent movies digitally with various streaming platforms.

I have only been to the theater once this year, during the summer. Going to the theater during the summer is very popular, because most people do not have air conditioning in their homes. It’s nice to go to the theater, where it’s usually very cool, and see a movie.

In the US, the price of a movie theater ticket depends on the area. Movies are more expensive in big cities than in smaller ones. Some cities have “second run” theaters which show movies that are a little bit older for a big discount. 


Q: 今年よかった映画は何?

A: 映画はあまり行かないの。結構高いから(通常22〜26ドル、3Dかどうかによる)、いつもレンタルになるまで待つわ。近所にレンタルDVDショップはもうないけど、ストリーミングサービスのデジタル配信で映画をレンタルできるのよ。