Was the public transportation suspended?    

Q: Was the public transportation suspended?    

A: The buses in our city went to a special emergency schedule. All but the 60 most important routes were canceled completely, and many of those had to be detoured. 

Seattle is a place with extremely steep hills, so in many cases it was just impossible for the buses to get up the hills, even with chains on the tires. Bus service frequency was greatly reduced as well. 

At the airport, hundreds of flights were canceled, both those landing and those taking off. Many people were stranded at the airport for a few days, until enough snow and ice was cleared for their replacement flights to leave. It was a mess! 

In most cases, schools and city offices were closed, and the mayor asked people to remain at home if possible. 


Q: 公共交通機関は止まった? 

A: 私たちの街のバスは緊急特別運行スケジュールになったわ。主要60ルート以外は完全運休で、運行したものも多くは迂回していたわよ。