What are “fraternity” and “sorority”?

Q: I heard the words “fraternity” and “sorority” when I watched a teenager movie the other day. What are they?

A: These are organizations that college students can join. Fraternity is from the Latin word for brother, and sorority is from the Latin word for sister. Large fraternities/sororities have their own houses, so members can live there instead of in the dormitory.

Originally, these groups were set up as social groups for people studying the same things, or those who wanted to work in the same field after graduation. These days though, most people in fraternities or sororities are not studying the same thing.

If you are watching teen movies, you have probably seen a frat house party scene. While in general, movies exaggerate the truth about life, frat parties really are like we see in the movies – loud, rowdy, too much drinking, underage drinking, sex, fights and even sexual assaults.

If you were involved in a more serious fraternity/sorority in school, it’s possible that you have kept in touch with your “brothers” or “sisters” as you moved into your careers. I have a friend who attends reunions with her sorority sisters every summer, and they help each other with career concerns.

Q: ティーン向けの映画を見ていたら”fraternity” や “sororityという言葉がでてきました。

A: これらは大学生が入れる組織なの。fraternityはラテン語由来で兄弟、sororityはラテン語由来で姉妹を意味するの。大きなfraternityやsororityは自分たちの家があるので、メンバーは寮に入る代わりにそこに住むの。


ティーム向けの映画を見ているのなら、frat houseのパーティーのシーンでのを見たことがあるんじゃないかしら。一般的に、映画は実際の生活の中にある真実を誇張するのだけれど、frat partyはまさに映画で見られるような、騒がしく、乱暴で、お酒の飲みすぎ、未成年の飲酒、セックス、ケンカ、性的暴行があったりするわ。