What are you best at baking?

Q: What are you best at baking? Can you tell us how to make it?

A: I enjoy making various types of cookies, cake, bread, brownies, whatever sounds good. In the US it’s traditional to bake a lot during the holidays and exchange baked goods with friends. I really enjoy that time of year, because we make certain things we don’t make any other time of the year (usually because they are time consuming). My favorite holiday recipe is pumpkin roll, which is what you would call a roll cake.

Recently I found a recipe for bread pudding that’s really lovely, but a bit expensive to make. It’s made using a LOT of eggs, heavy cream, and a special kind of bread called Challah bread.

It wouldn’t do much good to try to give the recipe here, as our oven temperatures and units of measure aren’t the same!


Q :どんなものを焼くのが得意なの?作り方を教えて。

A: いろいろな種類のクッキー、パン、ブラウニーとか、おいしそうなものはなんでも作ることが楽しいわ。米国では祝日の間にたくさん焼いて、友人たちと交換するのが伝統なの。一年のその時期は本当に楽しいの。その時以外には作らないものを作るからね(たいていそれらは時間がかかるものだから)。私が一番好きな祝日の料理はパンプキンロール。ロールケーキと呼ばれているものね。