What country would you like to visit in the future?

Q:  What country would you like to visit in the future?

A: My favorite country to visit is England, so of course I would like to go there and even live there someday.
As far as new places, there are many countries I would like to visit. I would really like to go to Iceland. I think it has very interesting terrain, and I enjoy learning about folklore – Iceland has a long tradition of interesting folklore.

There are several South American countries I want to visit, but we have to be very careful in some of them, as safety is an issue. However, if I can I’d love to see some of the beautiful sites they offer. In Bolivia I’d love to see the Salar de Uyuni. I think this is an amazingly beautiful spot, and I would really love to see it in person. I’d also like to visit Peru and see Machu Picchu. I understand that careless visitors have caused damage to the area, so strict rules for visiting the site have been put into place. I hope that people will use more care when visiting such beautiful gifts of nature. I also hope I can visit before it is too late.


Q:  将来、どんな国に行ってみたい?

A:  私のお気に入りの国はイングランドよ。行きたいのはもちろん、いつか住みたいとも思っているの。