What do you do for Halloween when you are a child?

Q: What do you do for Halloween when you are a child?

A: Same thing as every child – trick or treat! Kids look forward to trick or treating for the entire month. They plan out their costumes and decide which neighborhoods to go to, looking for the holy grail – a full size candy bar!

Usually people give out “fun size” candy on Halloween, but wealthy families often give out full size candy, and every child hopes to find that one house in their area that will give them a huge candy bar! When you are trick or treating, you look for houses with the porch light on – this is the signal that they have candy. If you do not want to give out candy, you should turn off all the lights in the front of your house (or porch light if you live in an apartment).

People usually carve pumpkins, too. Most people buy their pumpkin at a grocery store, but if you live near an area with farms, you can find some u-pick “pumpkin patch” areas. Pumpkin patches are a lot of fun, and usually have some activities in addition to selling pumpkins. One popular pumpkin patch I have been to has a corn maze each year. It took us about 2 hours to find our way out of the maze!


Q: 子どもの頃、ハロウィーンでは何をするの?

A: 子どもはみんな同じートリックオアトリートをするの!子供たちは10月中トリックオアトリートを楽しみにしているわ。衣装を考えて、聖杯―正規サイズのチョコバーを求めてどこのお家に行くかを決めるの。