What dishes are you good at making?

Q: What dishes are you good at making?
Are there any dishes you have spent a lot of time making?

A: I make a lot of Mexican food. It’s easy to make, and the most basic Mexican dishes can be quite inexpensive to make as well. We like to make chicken enchiladas, chicken, beef, or black bean tacos, and various kinds of burritos. Recently I got a recipe for a “burrito bowl”. It seems to be a good recipe for people who want to cut carbs (because there are no tortillas used), but we make this recipe because it’s quick and delicious. It has black beans, tomatoes, corn and brown rice in it.

I don’t usually make recipes that take a long time, because I don’t like to cook. I enjoy baking, and often bake things that take a long time and have many steps, but not so much with cooking. I think the thing I make that takes the longest is a dish that’s similar to a shepherd’s pie, but we use chicken instead of lamb.


Q:  得意料理は何?

A: メキシコ料理をよく作るわ。簡単に作れるし、たいていのベーシックなメキシコ料理は安くできるしね。チキンエンチェラーダ、チキン、ビーフ、ブラックビーンタコス、いろいろな種類のブリトーを作るのが好き。最近、ブリトーボウルのレシピを手に入れたの。糖質カットしたい人にはよさそうなレシピよ。(トルティーヤを使わないからね)、でも私たちがこれを作るのは速くできておいしいから。ブラックビーンズ、トマト、とうもろこし、ブラウンライスが入っているの。