What do American students do after school?

Q: What do American students do after school?

A: This depends on the family and the age of the student.

Young students usually go to some sort of after school day care program while their parents are at work. If they have older siblings, then they usually go home and the older sibling watches them until the parents come home.

Most kids just go home, have a snack, and do their homework. The amount of homework they have depends on their school district’s policies and their age/grade level. Most kids spend several hours doing homework each night.

Some students play sports, but not at their school. There are many organizations that run youth sports leagues, like little league, community soccer, etc. These teams usually have practice in the evenings and on weekends. Similarly, some students take lessons outside of school, like dance lessons, piano lessons, etc.

We don’t really have “cram school” in the US, because we don’t have entrance exams. We do have tutoring centers though. If a child is having difficulty with a certain subject, they might go to see a tutor for that subject. There are many famous tutoring programs that kids visit for help with math, science, and language. Some kids see a tutor at their school, or a private tutor.

Older kids often go to work after school. In the US, in most states, kids can start working at 16. Many students want to earn their own money, or in some cases, their family may need them to earn some money. It’s common for high school students to work in the evenings and on weekends, or during the summer.


Q: アメリカの生徒たちは放課後何をするの?

A: 家庭や生徒の年齢によるわね。低学年だと親が仕事に行っている間、学童保育のようなものに行くわ。兄や姉がいる場合は家に帰って、親が帰ってくるまで兄や姉が面倒を見るの。