What do you consider the most disappointing news of the year?

Q: What do you consider the most disappointing news of the year?
A: Absolutely the supreme court’s decision to overturn Roe V Wade. There are so many far-reaching implications of this decision. It is now no longer safe to be a woman of child bearing years in the US.
Many states are trying to make abortion a criminal act, punishable by prison time. There have already been cases of women who had miscarriages being accused of purposefully aborting their babies, and of other women dying from infections, because they were too afraid to go to the hospital after suffering a miscarriage. I imagine this will become much more common. It’s shocking that conservatives and Christians think it’s acceptable to deny women necessary healthcare. I worry for the young women I know. 

Q: 2022年で一番残念なニュースは?

A: 間違いなく最高裁判所がロー対ウェイド判決を覆したことよ。これにはとてもすごく重大な意味合いを持つの。今やアメリカでは出産期の女性は安全ではないわ。