What do you do to be eco-friendly?

Q: What do you do to be eco-friendly?

A: Well, obviously I recycle as much as I can. Seattle has very good recycling policies, but my new neighborhood does not. You can only recycle the most basic things (glass, newspaper, cardboard, plastic bottles and jugs), so it’s a little frustrating. Also, in Seattle we were forced to compost, so I have gotten into the habit of sorting the compostable items into a separate bag, but my new area does not have a composting service available. 

As far as in my home, I do what I can as a renter to make my place more energy efficient. I put plastic insulation on the windows in the winter time, I don’t turn the heater on high, I use energy efficient bulbs, etc. These days I also try to choose products with as little plastic in the packaging as possible, but for many categories of products, there is no alternative packaging available. 


Q: 環境保護のために何をしていますか?

A: あたり前のことだけど、できるだけリサイクルしているわ。シアトルは素晴らしいリサイクルの政策があるんだけど、うちの新居のエリアはないわね。ほんとに基本的なもの(ガラス、新聞、ダンボール、ペットボトル、水差し)しかリサイクルできないので、少しイライラしている。シアトルでは堆肥を作らなければならなかったので、堆肥にできるものは別の袋にいれる習慣がついていたんだけど、引っ越し先のエリアは堆肥サービスが利用できないの。