What do you like about teaching?

Q: What do you like about teaching?

A: I like being able to help people. For the most part when people sign up for any kind of a lesson, it’s because they have some hope or dream. Being part of helping them fulfill that dream, whatever it is, is pretty amazing.

I’ve had students who needed to improve their English in order to be eligible for promotions or transfers, some who wanted to learn English so they could fulfill a life-long dream of traveling during their retirement, and others who just wanted to make international friends.

Whatever their dream is, it’s very exciting to help with it, and see how happy people are when they achieve it!

Q: 教えることの何が好き?

A: 人を助けることができるということが好きよ。たいていどんな習い事でも申し込むときはみんな夢や希望を持っているからよね。その人たちの夢がなんであれ、それを叶えるお手伝いをすることはとてもすばらしいことよ。