What do you recommend people to do when they go up to the top of Space Needle?

Q:  What do you recommend people to do when they go up to the top of Space Needle?

A: There is only one thing to do – look.  It’s a viewing platform for the city. There’s literally nothing else to do up there. One floor below the top deck is a restaurant. It’s popular with tourists because it turns, very slowly. It takes about an hour to make a full rotation, so people who book a table there can see the entire city while they eat. But this place is extremely expensive, and serves a limited menu each day, so local people rarely go there.

Right now they are doing some repair work on the needle, so the restaurant is closed. The whole thing was built for the World’s Fair in 1961, so it’s long past due for repairs. The workers found some things hidden underneath the floor boards when they started work. Things like notes written by the original workers, and newspapers with the dates that workers were there. It must have been exciting for them, even though it’s not that long ago.


Q: スペースニードルの頂上まで行ったら何をするのがおすすめ?

A: やることはたった一つ。見ること。スペースニードルは街を見渡すことができる展望台よ。本当にそれ以外にやることはないわ。頂上デッキの下の階にレストランがあるわ。とてもゆっくり回転するので観光客に人気よ。1回転するのに約1時間で、そこの席を予約した人は食事しながら市全体が見られるわ。ただここはとても高いし、毎日限定されたメニューだから地元の人は滅多に行かないわね。