What do you think of Biden’s inauguration speech?

Q: What do you think of Biden’s inauguration speech?

A: My biggest response to the inaugural address was relief. We have spent 4 years with a crazy person, who literally did not understand how to perform the job of president in charge. In that time, he has done enormous damage to our country by sowing the seeds of hatred and prejudice and crying “lies!” any time anyone tried to correct him. During Trump’s time as president, the number of hate crimes has skyrocketed. Not only that, but they have become increasingly violent. Many people have spent the last 4 years worried every single day, that they, their friends and family, or other loved ones were in danger.

Biden’s speech was the start of a return to normalcy. He speaks in the manner that a president should – with respect and concern for our citizens, instead of insults and derision. He has clear plans set forth for a multitude of problems, when the previous administration stuck its head in the sand and did nothing. Biden has been wise enough to listen to those who were his primary race opponents and hear their ideas, concerns and proposals. He has not fully adopted any of their policies, but he has taken a great many of their ideas and is working them into his own plans.

In a perfect world, Biden would not have been my choice. But his speech gave me more confidence in his plans, and an overwhelming sense of relief that the US can now begin to heal.