What do you usually do for Thanksgiving?

Q: What do you usually do for Thanksgiving?

A: Make Thanksgiving dinner. This is what most people do. Some people watch football on Thanksgiving, but most of us are thinking about dinner. Thanksgiving is a big family holiday for Americans. Many people travel to their parents’ home (or some other relative) and meet up with their extended family.

In some families, Thanksgiving is a potluck dinner, and each family member is assigned to bring a certain type of dish. In other families, the person who is hosting dinner provides all the food.

Most stores are closed on Thanksgiving (some local grocery stores usually open for a few hours in the morning, in case you forgot to buy an ingredient for dinner!), so there’s really not much to do if you don’t want to celebrate. There are usually a few restaurants that open up for dinner time, for those people who do not like to cook.

Many people look forward to leftovers even more than dinner. People eat turkey sandwiches for weeks after!


Q: 感謝祭でいつもすることは何?

A: 感謝祭ディナーを作るわ。たいていの人がすることがこれ。感謝祭にフットボールを見る人もいるけど、私たちのほとんどがディナーのことを考えている。アメリカ人にとって、感謝祭は大きな家族の祝日なの。大勢の人が実家(あるいは親戚の家)に行って親族で集まるの。