What is a baby shower?

Q: What is a baby shower?

A: A baby shower is a party for an expectant mother. The purpose of the party is to bring gifts for the baby, so that the mother will have everything she needs once the baby is born.

Traditionally, the shower is thrown by the mother’s closest friend. All of her female family members and female friends are invited. There are usually some games, like a timed contest to see who can put a diaper on a baby doll the fastest. Another popular game is one where the participants are blind folded and fed a small amount of baby food. They must guess what type of baby food it is. Prizes are usually something quite small, or handmade, just to commemorate the event.

If the mother is part of a bigger community, like a church or company, it’s common to have a second baby shower given by those people. Church members will typically give a gift for the baby, even if they don’t know the mother well, as she is seen as part of their community. Coworkers may have a shower during their lunch break, or at the office after work. I have hosted baby showers for co-workers in the past, and when I was expecting, my co-workers threw me a baby shower as well.

These days, the traditional style baby shower isn’t the only option. More and more often, fathers want to be included in the fun, so “co-ed” baby showers are becoming more common. The mother and father are the guests of honor, and family members and friends of all genders are invited.