What is a “gap year”?

Q: What is a “gap year”?

A: Gap years are a break that students take between their last year of high school and their first year of university. This is not common in the US, though I believe some Canadian students do this. It’s mostly a practice found in Europe.

Students might take the time to travel (backpacking across Europe seems to be popular, as many European countries extend “working holiday” visas to one another, so students work for a few weeks, then move on to another country), to work for a volunteer organization they are passionate about, or to do an internship.

My Irish friend used her gap year to travel to Italy. She signed up with a volunteer organization that helped refugees. So she was able to experience life in another country, and also work hard to help people who had been displaced from their homes.


Q: ギャップイヤーとは?

A: ギャップイヤーというのは、高校の最後の学年と大学1年になる間にとる休みのことなの。米国ではあまり一般的ではないのだけれど、カナダの学生でこれをする人がいるわね。たいていは欧州で行われていることよ。

学生は旅をしたり(欧州の国々はワーキングホリデービザを互いに延長しているので、欧州をバックパック旅行するのが人気のようね。)どうしてもやりたいボランティアの団体で働いたり、インターンをしたりする時間 にあてるかもしれないわね。