What is “Take your child to work” day?

Q: What is “Take your child to work” day?

A: Exactly what it sounds like – a day to take your kids to work with you. This started as separate days for boys and girls, but now it’s “child”. The idea is to show your child what your work involves, so that they can experience your work. I believe the idea was originally for older kids to go in and observe, but older kids don’t think it’s “cool” to go to their parents’ place of employment, and they don’t participate.

Of course, this type of visit is only possible in certain types of settings, so not every company participates. Some types of work are dangerous, or require adult skills, so children are not allowed on the premises.

The day isn’t as popular as it used to be, and not so many companies participate for a variety of reasons. Kids easily get tired of sitting at a desk or in an office, and they want to leave.

When my son was small, I worked in a shop. The company asked us to participate in bring your child to work day, so I took my son. He had a lot of fun interacting with customers in the fitting room, where he counted how many items each customer had, and then gave them a number ticket to match. But even though he was having fun, he was tired after an hour or so, and I had to call his grandma to come and get him!


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