What is the best sightseeing place you’ve ever been to?

Q: What is the best sightseeing place you’ve ever been to?

A: Hmmm. This is a tough question. I really enjoy historical sites, but I also really love interesting architecture. Maybe Warwick Castle, in England. There were too many tourists, but the building itself is very beautiful, and the countryside surrounding it is extremely beautiful. I also really loved Bath Abbey (in England). I have a bit of an architecture bug, and I like old things, so both of those buildings fit into both categories!

If we’re talking about natural areas then Yosemite National Park is my top pick. The types of landscape there are varied, so you can see mountain and waterfalls, or meadows and streams. It’s a breathtaking place. I think everyone should visit at least once, and even try camping there if it interests them. If you do go, please hike the Vernal Falls Trail. It’s quite steep, but worth the time and effort for the view from the top!