What is the best / worst news for you this year?

Q: What is the best news for you this year?

A: I was able to get a cat for the first time in more than 20 years! I have terrible allergies, so I have a hard time finding pets I am not allergic to. After a very long search, I found my kitten. He is a mixed breed (Siamese and Maine Coon – both breeds that don’t trigger my allergies) and very cute, smart and energetic.

Q: What is the worst news for you this year?

A: The US response to Covid. I believe that if we had acted quickly and maintained a policy of strict quarantine for 30-45 days, we would be done with it by now. But instead, the US government decided that business is more important than human lives, and forced people to go back to work too soon.


Q: 今年一番よかったニュースは?

A: 二十年ぶりに猫を飼ったこと!私はひどいアレルギーがあってアレルギーを起こさないペットを見つけるのにとても苦労するの。長い間探してついに私のネコちゃんを見つけたわ。雑種(シャムとメインクーンで、両方とも私のアレルギーが出ないの)のオスでとても可愛くて、頭がよく、元気いっぱいよ。


A: 新型コロナウィルスに対する米国の対応ね。迅速に対応して、30〜45日の厳格な隔離の方針を維持してたら、今頃は終わってたと思うの。ところが米国政府は人間の生命よりビジネスを重要だとして国民をすぐに仕事に戻らせたわ。