What is the deadline for filing your taxes?

Q: What is the deadline for filing your taxes?

A: The deadline is April 15th. If you have a problem, you can file for an extension. I believe the extension is 90 days. Some people use this option if they owe tax money and cannot afford to pay it right away. Others use it if they are missing some documents needed for filing, or if they need assistance before filing.

Most people file electronically these days, so the process is much faster. In the past, we had to mail paper forms to the IRS in Washington D.C., so we needed to get everything done more quickly, to allow enough time for delivery.


Q: 確定申告期限はいつですか?

A: 申告期限は4月15日よ。事情がある場合は、期限の延長を申請することができるわ。確か延長期間は90日だったと思うわ。税金を払わなくてはいけないけど、すぐには払えない人や、申告に必要な書類が見つからない場合、申告するのに手助けが必要な場合、この制度を使う人がいるわね。