What is the difference between “good to know” and “good to hear”?

Q: What is the difference between “good to know” and “good to hear”?

A: The difference here is whether we received information we need, or if we are just expressing happiness or relief.

Here, one person gives a lot of information to another. The other person needs that info in order to work, and it is different from what they did before:

A: The new database will require all users to log in after every break, so keep that in mind if you find yourself logged out suddenly.
B: Oh wow, that’s good to know! Thanks!

Here, a person is receiving information from their friend. It’s not information that is important to them, but they want to express that they are happy for their friend.

A: My son recovered from his cold already.
B: That’s good to hear!


Q: “good to know” と “good to hear”の違いは?

A: この違いは、必要としている情報を受け取ったのか喜びや安心を表したいかの違いよ。


A: 新しいデータベースは全ユーザーに対し、中断毎にログインを求めるので、突然ログアウトしていたらそれを覚えておいてください。


A: 息子の風邪がもう治ったわ。
B: それはよかったね。