What is the difference in nuances of feelings between moved, touched and impressed?

Q: What is the difference in nuances of feelings between moved, touched and impressed?

A: Moved and touched are easy to confuse, but impressed is not similar. Impressed means that we admire or respect a thing/person. For example, “I was impressed by all the hard work your team put in last year!” or “When I went to the national museum, I was impressed by the massive size of the building.”

Moved and touched both have to do with an emotional response.

Moved means to provoke a strong emotion. Another meaning of moved is to cause to take action, so we often feel that when someone says they are moved, they may do something about it. “I was so moved by his life story that I decided to travel the world like he did.” or “The novel was a sad story of love and loss, and I was moved to tears when I read it.”

Touched means to feel deep gratitude, typically for something that was done just for us. “I was touched when my company presented me with an award honoring my hard work”. or “I was touched when my neighbor remembered my birthday and brought me a card.”

movedとtouchedは混同しやすいけど、impressedは違うわね。impressed は人や物に対して称賛や尊敬の念をもっていることを表すの。例えば「去年の君たちのチームの懸命な仕事ぶりに感心した」「国立博物館に行ったら、その建物の大きさに感動した」
moved は強い感情を引き起こすことを意味するわ。movedは行動を起こさせるという意味もあるから、誰かがmovedしているというと、そちらを意味するかもしれないわね。「私は、彼の人生ストーリーに感動(moved)したので、彼がやったような世界旅行をすることにした」「その小説は悲しい恋愛と喪失の物語だったので、読んだ時、感動して泣いた」
touched は、たいてい自分たちのためにやってもらったことに対して深い感謝の念を感じるという意味なの。「会社が私の仕事を讃える賞をくれた時、感動(touched)した」「隣の人が私の誕生日を覚えていてカードを持ってきてくれた時、感動(touched)した」