What is the difference between taxi and ride share service such as Uber or Lyft?

Q: What is the difference between taxi and ride share service such as Uber or Lyft? ?

A: First, readers should understand that taxis in Japan are MUCH cleaner, safer, and more honest than taxis in other countries. In the US, taxi drivers are notorious for ripping off customers – especially tourists. They take a long route on purpose, in order to overcharge the customer. In my personal experience, most taxi drivers are rude and unwilling to help in any way. Taxis also tend to be extremely expensive, especially if you need to take one to or from the airport.

Lyft and Uber (I prefer Lyft, because Uber has some extremely unethical practices) are much more convenient, cheaper, safer, and easier to use than taxis. If we look at the main difference between taxis and ride sharing, as far as safety, it’s this: when you hail and get into a taxi, no one knows you did so. There is no record of you getting into the car, no record of the driver, etc. When you get into a ride share, the app you used to call the ride has a record of where and when you were picked up, and by whom. So if something happens, we already know where you were headed and who picked you up. There have been some cases of assaults or robberies, but in almost every case, this was not the fault of the ride sharing company. In almost every case, it was criminals pretending to be a ride share driver, and customers who did not check the car information before getting in.

Both companies have grown a lot and offer some different services. For example, Uber offers a special service where luxury cars will come pick you up (Uber Black). You can also order food delivery through Uber Eats. Uber, Uber Black, and Uber Eats are all available in Japan. However, Japanese law prohibits private parties from giving rides for money, so Uber does not work the same way in Japan as it does in every other country. This is probably why it is less popular and fairly unknown in Japan.



Lyft やUber(私はLyftの方が好き。Uberはすごく非倫理的なやり方をしているから。)は、タクシーよりもうんと便利で、安く、安全で使いやすいの。タクシーとライドシェアサービスの大きな違いは、安全に関して、これよ:タクシーは、あなたが呼んで、乗車しても、誰にもそのことがわからないわよね。あなたがその車に乗ったことや運転手の記録などがない。ライドシェアなら利用したアプリにあなたを拾った場所、時間、人の記録が残る。何かあったとしても、あなたがどこに向かっていて、誰が乗せたかがわかっているの。暴行や強奪が起きているけど、ほとんどのケースがライドシェアの会社の落ち度ではなかったわ。たいていのケースは、ライドシェアの運転手になりすました犯罪者や乗車前に車の情報を確認しなかった客が原因だった。

両社とも大きく成長して、いろいろなサービスを展開しているわね。例えば、Uber は、豪華な車で配車するサービス(Uber Black)を提供していたりね。Uber Eatsでは食べ物のデリバリー注文もできるわ。Uber、Uber Black、Uber Eatsはどれも日本で利用できるわね。ただ、日本は一般人が有償で人を運送することを法律で禁じているから、Uber は日本で他の国と同じようにはできないわね。Uberが日本ではあまり知られてなくて、人気がないのはきっとこのせいね。