What is the largest you have bought?

Q:  What do you usually buy online? What is the largest you have bought?

A: I think most Americans shop online these days, and as a result, many shopping malls and “brick and mortar” stores are closing down. JC Penney, a department store which has been in business since 1902, has closed about half of their stores nationwide. Many different chains of book stores, shoe stores and toy stores have gone out of business due to online shopping.

I don’t have a car, so I tend to order things that are big and heavy, that I cannot easily carry on the bus. I also order most of my groceries online. The biggest thing I have ordered online is probably an armchair. When it arrived, it was pouring outside, and the box had completely ripped apart from the rain. I tried to get the package into my apartment by myself, but the box kept ripping every time I grabbed it, lol. For a while, the chair was wedged in the doorway, and I couldn’t get it in or out! Eventually (after about 1 hour), I got it in and was able to close the door.


A:  いつもネットで買うものは?最も大きな買い物は何?

Q: 最近はたいていのアメリカ人がネットショッピングしてるわね。その結果、たくさんのショッピングモールや実店舗型ショップが閉店しているの。1902創業のJC Penny というデパートが全米にある約半分の店舗を閉店したわ。ネットショッピングのせいで、ありとあらゆる本、靴、おもちゃのチェーン店が倒産したの。

私は車を持ってないから、バスで運べない、大きなものを買う傾向にあるわね。あと、たいていの食料品もネットで買うわ。私が買った一番大きなものはたぶんアームチェアね。それが来たとき、土砂降りで、雨で箱がぼろぼろになっていたの。自分で荷物をアパートに入れようとしたんだけど、箱を持つ度に、箱が破れた(笑) しばらくして、椅子が