What is the most exciting event you have gone to recently?

Q: What is the most exciting event you have gone to recently?

A: Recently I went to the opening of a group art show. Myself and about 100 other artists were asked to create work on rain drop shaped wooden panels, (based on the phrase “April showers bring May flowers”) and then show them for one month at a local gallery.

Seattle is one of the rainiest cities in the US, so of course the shape was familiar to us, and we all had a lot of fun with it.

For me, the most exciting part was getting to see everyone’s work in person. Many artists showed photos of their pieces while they were working, so seeing the finished pieces was amazing. There were rain drops with intricate paper cut-outs, some with pottery attached to them, some that were coated in resin, some that had patterns burned into the wood, and many other kinds.

It was very exciting for me and all the other artists to get to see each other’s work, and then for us to share it all with the public. 


Q: 最近行ったイベントで一番面白かったものは何?

A: 最近、アートのグループ展のオープニングに行ったわ。私や約100人のアーティストが雨粒の形をした木製パネルに作品の創作(『4月の雨は5月の花をもたらす』というフレーズに基づいたもの)が依頼され、その作品が地元のギャラリーに1ヶ月間の展示されるというものだったの。