What is the movie you saw most recently?

Q: What is the movie you saw most recently?

A: I don’t go to the movies often, and can’t actually remember having seen a film recently. These days I have been watching a lot of documentaries on streaming services. I would like very much to go see Bohemian Rhapsody, but I doubt I will make it to the theater before it has come out for rental.

Oh! I just remembered that the last movie I saw at the theater was Deadpool 2, during the summer. Since most US homes do not have air conditioners, it’s common for people to go to the theater a lot during the summer. My son and I went to see Deadpool 2 on a terribly hot day. It was very funny, and it was nice to be in an air conditioned space for 2 hours!


Q: 最近見た映画は?

A: 映画はあまり行かなくて、最近何を見たか思い出せないわ。この頃ストリーミングサービスでドキュメンタリーをよくみてる。ボヘミアン・ラプソディーに行きたいけど、レンタルされる前に映画館では見ないじゃないかしら。

あ、最近映画館で見たのを思い出したわ。夏にやってたデッドプール2 よ。米国のたいていの家にはエアコンがないから、みんな夏は映画館によくいくのよ。すごく暑い日に息子と一緒にデッドプール2を見たわ。とっても面白かったし、エアコンの効いた部屋に2時間いられたよかったわよ!