What is your favorite musician or band?

Q: What is your favorite musician or band?

A: Well, I think we’ve established that I don’t ever have only one favorite of anything, so instead I will tell you which bands I have been listening to lately.

One of the best live bands these days is The Struts. They are from the UK, but have already traveled all around the world, including Japan. They opened for the Rolling Stones and the Foo Fighters. Many people describe them as a cross between Queen and the Stones – they have something of a throwback sound, but are very original! If you have a chance to see them in concert, you should take it. Their music is good recorded, but their energy at a live show is amazing and makes the songs sound that much better!

Another newer musician I have been enjoying lately is Barnes Courtney.  He is from the Seattle area, but somehow he manages to channel a very southern, soulful energy in his music. I have not been able to see him live yet, but I hear he’s quite good. His music has been used in several television shows recently, so perhaps he’ll become well known suddenly.


Q: What is your favorite musician or band?

A: 何事も大好きなものを一つだけあげられないのはわかってくれたと思うので、最近よく聞くバンドのことを話すわ。


あと、最近いいなと思う新しいミュージシャンは バーンズ・コートニー。彼はシアトル出身なんだけど、南部のソウルフルなエネルギーを自分の音楽にとりいれているの。まだライブは見れていないけど、とてもいいと聞いているわ。最近、彼の曲がいくつかのテレビ番組で使われてたから、たぶん、急に知られるようになるわね。