What is your favorite park in Seattle? 

Q: It seems you often go to the park when you have free time.  What is your favorite park in Seattle?

I don’t know that I really go that often, but there’s a huge park in my neighborhood, so maybe I go there more often than I think I do! There’s a glacial lake in the center of the park, and a 5 kilometer running/walking/biking path that goes in a loop around the lake, so it’s always very busy.

I don’t really visit many other parks, because they’re not nearby and not easily accessible without a car. We do have a lot of parks in Seattle, but many of them are just a play area, or a picnic area. The park near my place, Green Lake park, is the most popular one in the city. It’s very difficult to find parking in my neighborhood during the summer, because people from all over the city drive here to do various outdoors activities (kayaking, SUP, tennis, basketball) at this park.


Q: 時間があると公園によく行くようですが、シアトルでお気に入りの公園はどこですか?

A: それほど頻繁に行くかどうかはわからないけど、うちの近所にすごく大きな公園があるわ。自分が思っている以上にそこによく行っているのかもしれないわね!公園の真ん中に氷河湖があってその湖を周回する5キロのランニング・ウォーキング・サイクリングコースがあるの。だからいつも人が多いわ。