What is your thought about the incident of Will Smith smacking Chris Rock at the Oscars?

Q: What is your thought about the incident of Will Smith smacking Chris Rock at the Oscars?

A: Well, of course it is illegal to just hit someone. If they did not strike you or threaten you first, you are likely to be charged with assault, and may have to go to jail for a short time, or pay a large fine. (In this case, Rock chose not to press charges.)

Legal issues aside, I think Chris Rock deserved it. He’s a really obnoxious person who has a long history of making fun of people with various health conditions. That is not comedy, that’s bullying.

He has been known to personally attack audiences who did not respond well to his jokes, singling out audience members for abuse about their looks, weight, etc. He also has a history of saying inappropriate things about crime victims.

Additionally, this is not the first time he has made fun of Jada Pinkett Smith in public, so I can understand why her husband took the action he did.

As far as the punishment, I agree that it’s lopsided. Smith has suffered many repercussions from the event, but Rock has not suffered any. I believe he should be banned from hosting award ceremonies, since he has proven time and time again that he will use tasteless humor in order to appear “edgy” any time his jokes are not going over well.

In the end, it’s not morally right to just hit someone in the face because they made you mad. It’s also illegal. But I can understand Will Smith’s actions.

Q: ウィル・スミスがアカデミー賞授賞式でクリス・ロックを殴った事件についてどう思う?

A: もちろん、誰かを殴ることは法律違反だわ。先にその人があなた殴ったり、脅したりしていなかったら、暴行の罪に問われることになり、少しの間刑務所に行くか、多額の罰金を支払わなくてはならないかもしれないわね(このケースでは、ロックは告発しなかった)